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When it was first announced the 90's TV show with David Hasselhoff was being turned into a movie, fans wondered if it be a campy remake like "The Brady Bunch" movie or something essentially different like "21 Jump Street." Judging by the trailer, it appears to be a mix of both. The tone actually feels more like "Bad Boys." The film, due May 19, resembles an action-comedy buddy cop movie except, in this case, the cops are lifeguards. You've seen it before. A by-the-book cop lifeguard is teamed up with a new partner who is bit of a loose canon. There are explosions, gun fights (did Hasselhoff's Mitch Buchanan ever carry a gun?), ชุด ว่า ย น้ำ พร้อม ส่ง ราคา ถูก run-ins with the boss, chases, ชุดว่ายน้ําแบบสปอร์ต jokes, a crime that needs to be solved, etc., The chances someone is told "that's it, you're off the force!" are probably very high. But there are also references to the source material as well. The trailer opens with a few beats from the show's theme song. At one point, Alexandria Daddario's character wonders aloud why it always seems that one of her fellow female lifeguards is running in slow motion. This being "Baywatch," there are of course plenty of shots of bufflifeguards scantily clad in red bathing suits running around the beach. Unfortunately, for fans hoping for a little Hoff,he doesn't appear in the trailer. 2016 A-LIST DINING GUIDE

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